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Comba Insider Newsletter: Issue #40 April 21, 2021

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Welcome to Comba's April newsletter. The Automatic Fire Alarm Association is hosting their annual event May 4th and 5th. Join Comba Telecom as Don Henry, Public Safety Program Manager and VP of Sales, discusses ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communication System) RF system Design from 1:00 to 2:00 PM on May 4th. Register here at AFAA conference website

If you missed Comba’s webinar last month presented by our Sales Engineering Manager, Matt Lunny, and hosted by the Safer Buildings Coalition, they discussed BDA uplink squelch and channelized AGC, click the link below to take a listen and learn the importance of each on how they protect the macro public safety network.

Watch Uplink Squelch and Channelized AGC Webinar

Apple embraces 5G. Is this the catalyst for widespread adoption?

5G is finally here. We’ll, not quite, but Apple does own the mobile device market share in the United States at 60% as shown in the chart below...

Full article
Using filters on a public safety BDA to ensure optimal performance
Learn how surveying your public safety design can help optimize your signal performance.

Full article

Introducing Comba's new Jumper Cable products. Available in 1.5ft, 3ft and 6ft lengths, these semi-ridgid, .141 plenum rated cables are perfect for your wireless projects. Supporting 4.3-10 or N type connectors, the jumpers also come PIM rated. Finally, all of our Jumpers go through rigorous testing to verify RF signals and PIM verification to ensure the quality and performance are maintained.

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Comba will be attending various conferences, we welcome everyone to schedule an appointment with us to discuss our products or request for an interview.

Comba will be presenting at AFAA may 4th at 1pm pacific. Stay tuned for more information.