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Comba Insider Newsletter: Issue #41 May 24, 2021

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Welcome to Comba's May newsletter. This month Comba was preparing for our 3 part joint webinar series with Alliance and PCTEL. Part one aired May 19th and was hosted by Charlie Schulz, Director of Public Safety and DAS with Alliance. Be sure to tune in next week when Comba's VP of Sales and Public Safety Program Manager, Don Henry, presents the radio side of public safety ERRCS on May 26th at 11 am Pacific. Register here at Public Safety Wireless Training

If you missed part one of the joint webinar you can watch it below!

Watch Wireless Public Safety Communications Training

iBwave designers will be pleased to know we have updated our VEX file on our web portal so if you are spec'ing in any Comba equipment please be sure to download the latest the VEX file.

Comba would like to thank everyone who watched and supported Don during his presentation at AFAA Annual Virtual Conference discussing ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communication System) RF system Design earlier this month.

3.5GHZ CBRS: OnGo for dummies ebook

The 3.5GHz CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) has been moving forward for the past few years.

Full article
Using filters on a public safety BDA to ensure optimal performance
Learn how surveying your public safety design can help optimize your signal performance.

Full article

Comba’s 100AH Battery Backup Unit provides a reliable power supply to a Fiber DAS or BDA during a main power failure ensuring all mission-critical communication is guaranteed and no public safety equipment are interrupted. Provides power for up to 24 hours and is UL 2524 Standard Certified and NFPA/IFC compliant alarming features to meet AHJs code requirements.

CPBBUV2-48100-UL Features:
  • Provides the uninterruptible power supply (-48V)
  • Supports minimum 24 hours backup power up to 200W equipment
  • Supports 4 external alarms inputs
  • Supports 7 dry contract output to FACP or external annunciator panel
  • Supports integrated visual and audio alarm annunciation
  • Supports external remote annunciator panels
  • Support Emergency Power Off (EPO) switches
  • Supports local monitoring and control through RJ45 port
  • UL 2524 Standard Certified

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